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The first marine survey company in Australia to be accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification.

Current Projects

Dampier Floating Wharf Project

Maritime Engineers has been instrumental in the design of a large floating wharf located in the Port of Dampier, Western Australia, which extends the berth capacity at the main Dampier Cargo Wharf and provides our clients, Apache Energy Ltd with guaranteed berths to support their ongoing exploration program.

The floating wharf concept was conceived by Maritime Engineers and was instrumental in the award of a ten year licence from Dampier Port Authority to Apache Energy Ltd to operate the facility.

The Dampier floating wharf is comprised of a large 100 metre fully ballastable barge restrained within four heavy piled dolphins and connected to the end of the main Dampier Cargo Wharf with a heavy duty vehicle ramp. The facility can operate 24 hours a day and within 80% of the extreme tidal range affecting the vehicle ramp. The floating wharf carries bulk storage of drilling chemicals, fuel and potable water supply and heavy truck access for cargo. It can be readily demobilised during cyclone alerts moving the barge to nearby cyclone moorings.

The Dampier floating wharf is the largest of its kind in the world and certainly operates in the most aggressive of environmental conditions.

Coping with a tidal range of up to 5 metres, prevailing non-cyclonic winds of up to 60 knots and wave heights of 1.8 metres, the floating berth is capable of maintaining two 80 metre offshore support vessels alongside to load drilling chemicals, tools and equipment to support Apache's drilling program.

The Dynamic Analysis to calculate the design loads for the installation is another world first. The concept of modelling three vessels closely moored on a fixed heading with extreme weather conditions from different directions was extremely complex and has never been done before.

Maritime Engineers is very proud of our achievements with the design of this facility and pay recognition to our collaborative partners in the design work - Aurecon, Marine & Civil Pty Ltd and BCH Engineering.

Melville Island Floating Wharf

Using the experience developed with the Dampier Floating Wharf project, Maritime Engineers was instructed to collaborate with Marine & Civil Pty Ltd on the building of another floating wharf facility on Melville Island in the Northern Territory.

The concept was adopted by the project client, Ezion for the Tiwi Island community operated wood chip industry.

The 200 metre long floating concrete pontoon berth is again restrained by dolphins and can moor Handy class vessels to receive wood chip cargoes from the forest plantations on Melville Island.

Maritime Engineers designed all the ship mooring equipment and provided marine and technical support to the project principals, Marine & Civil Pty Ltd.

Maritime Engineers is again proud to be associated with Marine & Civil Pty Ltd on this unique and innovative project to provide ship berthing facilities in remote regions subjected to severe cyclonic weather events.