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The first marine survey company in Australia to be accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification.

Past Projects

Submersible Heavy Lift Warranty (September 2009)

Maritime Engineers' surveyors conducted marine warranty for the loading of the 7300 tonne pipe laying barge "TOG MOR" onto the submersible heavy lift ship "FALCON" at Dampier in September 2009.

The "TOG MOR" had just completed the 80km inshore section of pipeline for the Pluto gas project and was on its way to Trinidad for its next project.

The passage around the Cape of Good Hope is expected to encounter large seas however the massive seafastenings are expected be more than adequate to the task.

The 35-day voyage is three times as fast as towing the barge on its own bottom and allows the client to meet tight time constraints for new projects.

Longest Ocean Tow Warranty (April 2009)

Maritime Engineers' surveyors warranted one of the longest ocean tows this year with the delivery of a new crane barge from Japan to Australia for Waterway Constructions.

The tow was particularly complex due to the low freeboard and large amount of deck cargo for the delivery voyage.

The 4600 mile tow from Shikoku to New South Wales made use of Maritime Engineers' standard Towing Manual and the deck cargo was covered by our Stowage and Seafastening Manual. The use of these manuals systematically resolved all potential problems enroute prior to sailaway.

The tow was successfully completed in 45 days by ocean towing contractor, PB Seatow and the barge arrived without incident in Newcastle with the owner making huge savings on transport delivery costs.

The use of professional and well planned tug and barge ocean tows are delivering huge savings for the transportation of large complex cargoes when compared with high cost heavy lift ships.

Towing Manual for Disabled Ship Tow (May 2008)

Maritime Engineers recently worked with Fairmont Marine on the tow of the disabled containership MSC "LUGANO" from Fremantle to Singapore.

Once again Maritime Engineers' comprehensive Towing Manual was used and company surveyors conducted the marine warranty and certification.

First Commerical Shipbreaking in Australia

Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd and McMahon Services JV recently conducted the first true commerical shipbreaking exercise at Tenix Defence Shiplifter in Henderson, Western Australia.

The 53 metre "VOLGA", a pirate toothfish poacher was arrested in Australian waters near Heard Island by the R.A.N. and Fisheries officers.

The strict environmentally managed operation has proven that commercial shipbreaking can be conducted without endangering the lives of workers or damaging the environment.