Specialist Naval Architecture Services

We offer a range of specialist marine design services, focusing on moorings, floating buoys and marine fenders. We have the capability to design and assess a wide range of mooring configurations including shallow water cyclone moorings, terminal moorings, berth moorings and ship-to-ship moorings. We are approved mooring designers for the Pilbara Port Authority and have been closely involved with the Port's ongoing mooring inspection and engineering review process for close to a decade.

We have expertise in the design of floating buoys and navigation aids and have supplied a number of designs to our parent company Fendercare. Working in close collaboration with Fendercare, we have also been involved with the design and analysis of both fixed and pneumatic fendering solutions for a range of vessel types and sizes.

Cyclone Mooring Design & Third Party Verification

Cyclone mooring design and verification has been the primary area of work for the Engineering Design Office since its inception. We have developed a number of standard mooring designs that have seen extensive deployment along the coastline of Western Australia.

We can provide bespoke mooring solutions, including mooring analysis, equipment specification and engineering drawings.

Maritime Engineers also undertakes yearly third party verification of existing cyclone moorings to ensure continued serviceability and integrity of the mooring system.